Friday, November 23, 2012

Put A Glove on it

When I was a kid cars had steering wheels that were made of wood, metal or some kind of hard polymer. The one thing they all had in common was they were all slick and hard to hold. If you parked in the sun you would scream like a vampire caught in the sun beam.

Two ways to avoid the slip and the burn. One was to put on a leather wheel wrap that you would have to braid like some giant friend ship bracelet, it quite often would come untied or it would milt and stick to the wheel like ectoplasm from a "Ghost Busters" movie, or you could just wear gloves.

As time marched on steering wheel material got better and wraps and gloves were no longer needed.

Or are they, I personally think you should still use gloves. Not to protect your hands from the wheel, but to protect the wheel from your hands.

When I look at the leather steering wheel in my 1992 300ZX TT, I see discoloration from oils in my hands marks and scratches from nails and scuffs for my wedding band. To avioid this happening to my Camaro I have started wearing gloves. To help reduce the wear and tear on my leather interior.

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